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kosma solarius portrait

KOSMA SOLARIUS is a German/Greek producer of electronic music. 


His specialty is the cosmic octave tuning, a way of tuning music to planetary orbital frequencies, based on the calculations of the Swiss mathematician Hans Cousto


The music feels very cinematic and futuristic and offers a refreshing variety of moods (cosmic, chill-out, space ambient, downtempo, minimal, progressive, house, balearic, lounge, psychedelic rock, jungle beats). 


Since 1999 he is producing electronic music and after moving to Thailand, in 2007, performing live was getting into focus. From 2009 until 2014 he was performing regularly live with the Space Brothers project at the world famous Half Moon Festival on the tropical island Koh Phangan.


Various international artists joined his live shows, like Jens Zygar, Andrew Barnabas, Pete Kearton, Tranquilogen, Alexandros Karsiotis, Juan Carlos Salamanca, Note Suviratanapat. 


He also started to produce other artists, like Graham Gold, Hans de Booij and Ray Romer. 


In 2015 Kosma Solarius left Koh Phangan and started to perform on a global level.


Currently located on Ibiza / Spain.


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