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Мы рады объявить о предстоящем практическом семинаре «Гонг-тренинг» совместно с гонг мастером Kosma Solarius (Konstantin Jagoulis, Бавария) и YogaGongStudio, который состоится 13 ноября 2016 года в воскресение.


Константин играет на сете из шести симфонических планетарных гонгов, сделанными вручную немецким производителем PAiSTe. 

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Since some years the gong meditations are getting more and more famous all around the globe.

I am a gong master my self and I play a set of 6 symphonic gongs from the German manufacturer PAiSTe.

In 2001 I started to tune my own music productions based on the cosmic octave tuning, which is also the tuning of the so called planet gongs. For about 15 years now I am deeply into that matter and researching the nature and effects of these natural frequencies. Because I am also a musician, my approach is rather holistic to the entire issue and I am writing this blog entry to put out the word about the right and wrong way of playing a gong.

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Customs regulations are some of the most complicated issues a human being can face on this planet.


Since I am traveling with my heavy tuty, my 6 PAiSTe gongs and some studio equipment, I was confronted with unimaginable obstacles created by customs regulations. This stories are already enough material to fill up a book, but the past 2 weeks were again a chapter which I want to share with the world right now.

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Finally a big dream came true on 25th of September, when I was invited to perform at the St. Peter and Paul Cathedral in Moscow. Event organisation by Oleg Romanenko (Collegium Musicum) and Maria Berezina.


Together with Igor Goldenberg on the church organ, we played a wonderful 75 minutes concert. Interpretations of Hans Zimmer's "Interstellar" and Philip Glass's "Koyaanisqatsi" movie soundtracks were the foundation and Igor suggested to add Jean Langlais "Song of Peace", "In quite Joy" and Olivier Messiaen "Appearance of the Eternal Church" which worked pefect.


Maksim Emelianov was responsible for the visuals and filming and Alexander Mishukov did an excellent audio recording, available on Soundcloud.


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After a adventurous travel to Russia by car and trailer, fully loaded with gongs and studio equipment, the Gong Master is finally back in town. The logistics with gongs is one thing, but customs regulations at borders are probably the most complex things a musician must handle while traveling around the world with heavy instruments.

CARNET ATA is the word of the season 2016... Konstantin was well aware of the tight regulations and wanted to make all right by organizing a international accepted customs document, called Carnet ATA. This turned out to become the most complicated customs situation he ever had to handle.

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Kosma Solarius just entered the Beatport remix context of the track "THE HEART OF NOISE" by Jean Michel Jarre & Rone !
Starting from 31st of May 2016 the voting for the track is activated. Please listen and help Kosma Solarius by giving your vote.

Link: http://play.beatport.com/contests/jean-michel-jarre-rone-the-heart-of-noise/5749afe6455a1b707afb57f0

This was truely the most epic highlight to be the first musician to play at the observation deck on the Gorky Park Museum rooftop.

Gorky Park is the cultural center point of Moscow, filled with activities and special events. It was an very special honour to be invited to perform for the 77th birthday of the park with a limited number of people allowed to be there for this magic gong concert.

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Here the video from my performance at Midsummer Night's Dream 2015.

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Logo-OM4, 6, 7 августа 20.30 - 22.30 | проводит Kosma Solarius


Вход со стороны улицы Даниловский Вал в холл с вывесками "Ого-город" и "Открытый мир".

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